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Easy to Use

instantAR is an augmented reality system for mobile devices. It’s an extended web browser and a library for creating AR apps. It makes development of performing AR apps as simple as creating websites – and viewing them as easy as browsing. It is a scalable framework that brings AR applications to your devices.

Easy to Develop

Set up advanced AR apps with computer vision tracking in seconds. Just like web development, instantAR uses standards such as HTML5, Javascript and X3D, to bring your AR apps to live. To do so, it combines a webkit engine with a powerful 3D renderer and computer vision engine through Javascript.

Powerful Tracking

No matter if image recognition, 2D or 3D arbitrary target tracking: instantAR’s computer vision engine is amazingly fast and takes advantage of latest and ongoing computer vision research. Even better, just combine several tracking methods for situations, where a sole one would fail.