Getting started

Welcome to instantAR’s developer resources. We believe: creating augmented reality should be as fun and easy as creating websites. Since with instantAR programming takes place on a light-weight level with web technologies, you can start creating AR applications in minutes without too much pre-knowledge.

Here you will find all kinds of information you will need in order to start developing for the instantAR Framework.


A general word

If you do not really have an idea about computer vision based augmented reality, we recommend reading the Introduction to Vision Based Augmented Reality with instantAR. If you want to get started instantly, you probably should start with our tutorial Putting a model on a Poster, which will explain all necessary steps to use the instantAR framework.

Start from scratch and implement own ideas easily with our powerful API. Not into programming? Don’t worry, try our Online Application Generator, use its powerful IDE and let this online-editor handle the complicated stuff.


Where to go from here: